JudoScotland Coach Reflections

Throughout the calendar year JudoScotland offer a number of face-to-face opportunities for coaches to develop, whether that’s on the mat, in a classroom or in the virtual world. Whilst the opportunities are varied, we understand that many coaches still struggle to find the time to attend courses due to busy club and competition schedules and that is even before we consider family and work commitments.

We want coaches to find Continued Professional Development (CPD) opportunities that interest you, the coach. It may be a strength and conditioning course, or it could be something about nutrition or fuelling athletes. If the course has a nominal 3 hours of learning, then why not submit it if you feel it has improved your coaching in some way.

A lot of coaches travel the country attending events, camps or courses, taking up many hours. We would like to credit you with any learning that you have completed by taking part in these various events. So, why not take the time to collate your thoughts, reflect on them and jot them down. We have put together a framework for you to use by answering the following questions if you need them. We would be looking for a response of between 300 to 600 words, but if you are not comfortable writing your reflections, we would be happy to accept a reflective video that mirrors the word count requested.

​Please also look at the diagrams below before answering the questions, it may helpful when you start writing but we plan, we do and we review, we hopefully then use the review to change our practice and improve our plan before starting again. JudoScotland will be happy to accept such reflective practice as part of the CPD element required for your coach licence.

Reflective guide questions

  • What events, camps or courses have you attended over the last year?
  • What was your roles during these events?
  • What were the main learning opportunities that you have taken from these?
  • What reflections have you made about what you have taken part in or observed?
  • What impact has this had on your coaching?
  • Has this changed your behaviour? Has this changed your approach to coaching?
  • What impact has this had on your students?
  • What has been the outcome of any changes?
  • What learning opportunities are you now seeking out?
  • Are there learning opportunities that JudoScotland can help with?