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Judo Girls Rock

Judo Girls Rock (The Female Participation Judo programme) is designed to engage with young females – a group underrepresented within our programmes of physical activity as well as on a national scale. Scotland suffers from poor health statistics; around 30% of girls aged 2-15 years are overweight or obese. Female participation rates are poor and research has highlighted that only 41% of girls aged 13-15 in Scotland meet the target of an hour’s physical activity a day.  

Women’s Sport and Fitness Foundation reported that many young girls feel self-conscious when exercising or unhappy about the activities on offer but do want to be active, take part in physical activity and remain healthy. The sessions, developed from an award winning pilot, will focus on physical movement similar to dance, introducing judo gradually to maximize buy in. The sessions may also incorporate workshops to encourage a healthy lifestyle, from internet safety to healthy cooking. The objective was to set up an infrastructure whereby the growth of female participation is encouraged and developed within Scotland, through a number of common goal projects.

Having introduced over 200 new girls to club judo in 2018, the award-winning JudoGirlsRock returns for a 4th year! JudoScotland, in partnership with sportscotland, are currently helping local clubs and coaches to deliver the 4th phase of this fantastic project.  We want to create opportunities and encourage females to participate in the sport of Judo by considering what will inspire girls to enjoy our sport. With this approach we aim to enhance the level of participation of girls in Judo throughout the whole of Scotland, including the development of female coaches.

We have a number of Judo Girls Rock sessions across Scotland. If you'd like to get involved, please contact the JudoScotland Development Team on 0131 333 2981.