Jane Lawson was presented her COV Young Volunteer of the Year award at our NTC session on Tuesday evening. Jane, formerly of St Andrews University Judo Club, was delighted to pick up the award. She said: “I’m really honored to receive the award. My time at the club was really rewarding and I will remember my time there fondly. I’d like to thank those who nominated me, I’m very grateful.”

Serving as both vice-captain and captain, Jane has played a pivotal role in fostering a welcoming environment for both seasoned practitioners and newcomers alike.

Her infectious enthusiasm and unwavering commitment have left a mark on the club. Jane’s leadership has been instrumental in nurturing the growth of young judoka community, instilling a sense of camaraderie and motivation among members. Her dedication to the sport serves as a great source of inspiration for all.

Sam Ingram said: “Jane and Volunteers like her are a hugely valuable to the judo community as a whole, it’s great to see young people volunteering and taking on responsibility in order to support their club. Congratulations Jane!”

Beyond her roles in club management, Jane’s contributions extend far beyond administration. Despite the demands of her own academic pursuits, she consistently prioritises attending training sessions and supporting her fellow club members.

Jane Lawson embodies the spirit of a true hero within our judo community. Without her unwavering dedication and selfless contributions, St Andrews Judo Club would undoubtedly not thrive as it does today, making her a deserving recipient of JudoScotland’s Young Volunteer of the Year award.