Motivation Monday

Motivation Monday

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Motivation Monday

Every Monday we will be posting more information to help you get through this strangely unique time in history.

#Motivation Monday 05/10/20

Huge congratulations to Hamilton Judo Club's John D'Ambrosio, who was successful in Scottish Disability Sport's Annual Awards Ceremony this year, winning the Russell Hogg Trophy for Development Coach of the Year, adding to his JudoScotland 'Disability Coach of the Year' award he won last year.

John won this award for his work in setting up and delivering an adaptive judo class at Hamilton Judo Club. John, and others from the club, initially volunteered with JudoScotland's I Do Judo project, organised in collaboration with SDS and sportscotland, helping to deliver in schools to pupils with visual impairments. They also helped JudoScotland to deliver at the SDS Parasport Day, working with pupils from schools across the West of Scotland.

Since then, John and his coaches have undertaken coach education to help them learn more about working with players with a disability and subsequently set up an adaptive judo session within their club, working in partnership with South Lanarkshire Leisure and Culture and supported by JudoScotland to establish this.

John and others in the club did a huge amount of work on this project, delivering over 100 tasters in schools in the area, with the result being around 34 players regularly attending these sessions, and the subsequent addition of an adult session, with around 6 players attending, due to local demand.

Hopefully the sessions will be up and running again before too long, and the club can continue the great work they have already started.

SDS Facebook post


#Motivation Monday 28/09/20

After almost six months of non-contact training our Scottish Institute of Sport (SIS) supported athletes have finally made their return to the mat. After many hours of searching and assistance from Thistle Padel club, a suitable outdoor venue has been found to start contact judo. It’s a temporary solution to a temporary problem but it’s one that may also help some clubs out there get some activity started.

Please make sure you continue to adhere to the guidelines whatever your solution is and rest assured that this won’t go on forever and we will all get back on to the mat sometime.


#Motivation Monday 21/09/20

There are now a small number of clubs who have been able to start back their judo sessions indoors since the last sets of restrictions were updated. With under 11’s resuming judo activity and 12 years + taking part in socially distanced classes indoors we are pleased to announce that these clubs have reported a 80-90% member return rate with the addition of new members too. By everyone playing their part in adhering to the guidelines we will all make a return to the mat thanks to the fantastic support from members, showing there is light at the end of the tunnel.


#Motivation Monday 14/09/20

We are delighted to announce #UKCoachingWeek2020 is taking place from 14-20 September.

The awareness campaign – which empowers athletes, coaches and

the public to celebrate #GreatCoaching – centres on the need to ‘Support Your Coach’, kicking off with the #GreatCoachingPledge that calls on the nation to give some of their own time, sharing thanks and support for the coaching community. There has been some fantastic coaching activity during the pandemic to keep the nation active, please let us know what your coaches have been doing for you and make a pledgeto get involved?

JudoScotland and member clubs of Scotland over the last number of years have organised some of the best coaches in the world to come to our country and share their expertise, we pledge to continue this great work once it is safe to do so along with a number of online opportunities for coaches to continue their development. #PlayingOurPart


#Motivation Monday 07/09/20

We are delighted - and highly motivated – to be able to announce that we are now working towards a potential re-opening of the JudoScotland office on Wednesday 23 September 2020.

Although the current Scottish Government guidance is to continue to home work/remote work wherever possible, we are awaiting updated guidance around re-opening and are working to ensure that the office is safe for staff to return on this date. When initially re-opening, the office may have reduced opening hours, so if you are looking to visit the office in person, we would suggest contacting us in advance to avoid potential disappointment.

One of our most important jobs on our return will be to print out and forward all the “Lockdown Grading’s” received over the summer closure period to member Clubs, so that they can present these well-deserved new grades out to members as soon as possible.

#GrowDevelopPerform #PlayingOurPart


#Motivation Monday 31/08/20

At long last it’s ‘Back to the Tatami’ (for some).

Today sees the Scottish Government’s recent announcement regarding the re-opening of gyms and sports centres come to life. Following this announcement, some JudoScotland member clubs are looking to hold their first indoor club sessions this week – is there any better motivation for a Monday?

Although this week will be incredibly exciting for some Clubs, it is important to recognise that not all operators will re-open facilities from today - or potentially for some time to come. Reduced capacities due to the required physical distancing will have a direct impact on the operational capabilities of venue operators and the economic viability of some facilities. This means that although all member Clubs will want to re-open, not all may have the opportunity at this point in time.

Desperate to get back to ‘Training on the Tatami’? Why not make contact with your club to find out whether they are able to get back into their facility, back on the mat and what this means for you.

Even if your club cannot get back on the mat right now, still make contact to see whether they are delivering online sessions or outdoor activities that you could join in with? Could you offer to help the club by becoming a COVID Officer and undergoing some training?

Whatever your club's situation it will welcome you getting in touch to let them know how you feel about returning, and if you are able to contribute some support - even better!

#playingourpart #jitakyoei


#Motivation Monday 24/08/20

Given the potential of returning to the mat in the near future you as players, coaches officials and parents maybe a little apprehensive.

However you can be assured that our clubs, will be adhering to the strictest guidelines, including having a dedicated Covid officer in every club.

sportscotland have developed several resources to support this role, including, in partnership with Scottish Rugby,  an e-learning module to provide COVID Officers with key information and guidance to support your club to return safely to sport.

JudoScotland advise all club COVID Officers to take advantage of this opportunity. Follow the link in our bio to access this module:

Covid Officer E-learning course

#playingourpart #jitakyoei


#Motivation Monday 17/08/20

“Judo united us as a family. As a family we work toward the same goal and we receive much encouragement from the community.”  Ms Wakako Ueno, Toma Judo Sensei.

This week’s #MotivationalMonday comes from our friends at the International Judo Federation.

Episode three of The Art of Judo ‘Winters Dawn’ highlights some of the challenges that can be undertaken and overcome when we support one another. 

Please take some time to watch The Art of Judo series from the IJF as it explores and highlights the benefits of practising Judo.

IJF Video Winters Dawn

#playingourpart #MotivationalMonday

#Motivation Monday 10/08/20

“Judo united us as a family. As a family we work toward the same goal and we receive much encouragement from the community.”  Ms Wakako Ueno, Toma Judo Sensei.

This week’s #MotivationalMonday comes from our friends at the International Judo Federation.

Episode three of The Art of Judo ‘Winters Dawn’ highlights some of the challenges that can be undertaken and overcome when we support one another. 

Please take some time to watch The Art of Judo series from the IJF as it explores and highlights the benefits of practising Judo.

#playingourpart #MotivationalMonday

IJF Facebook 'Winters Dawn'


#Motivation Monday 03/08/20

“I learned through Judo how to face my problems head on, it taught me how important it is to make steady efforts towards your goals.” Akiko Amano

Again, our friends over at the International Judo Federation have managed to capture some of the wonderful elements of our sport and how they reflect some of the challenges we experience in our lives.

Please take 6 minutes out of your day to watch episode 2 of the IJF’s series The Art of Judo, you won’t regret it!

#playingourpart #MotivationalMonday

IJF The Art of Judo-Episode 2: The Spirit of Summer

#Motivational Monday 27/07/20

We kick off this week with some #motivationalmonday activity from clubs and groups across Scotland that have met the challenge of COVID-19 in true Jita Kyoei fashion.

Whether offering 'virtual' sessions that are open to everyone, bringing people with a shared passion together or offering opportunities to listen to (& 'meet!) International stars, this Monday pays homage to those Scottish judoka who really have stepped up.

We have only mentioned a few here today so if your club has contributed to the Scottish judo community during this time, or if you know of one/someone that has, please let us know using the hashtag #motivationalmonday

#Motivational Monday 20/07/20

This post from our friends at the International Judo Federation really hits the mark for this week's #motivationalmonday.

A reminder of just some of what is great about judo, and why our sport has so much to offer society.


IJF Video

#Motivational Monday 06/07/20

With lots of guidance now published to support the safe return of judo activity and ways in which we can engage with our members, we are hearing many different perspectives of how this may look.
We encourage all our member clubs to keep in mind the words of Jigoro Kano (below), to reflect on what is right for the club, the members and the community and to remember that JudoScotland are here to support you.
#staysafe #PlayingOurPart #MotivationalMonday

#MotivationalMonday 29/06/20

One for the coaches this #motivationalmonday!

If you are seeking a bit of inspiration whilst we are unable to get on the mat you may want to check out 'The Magic Academy' podcast.

Already highlighted on our 'Coaching Resource' page, a recent addition is a chat with Jean Cote (Series 5, Episode 15) which provides great insight into coaching effectiveness (amongst a load of other great stuff!). If you have a listen we'd love to hear your thoughts.


Our #MotivationalMonday story this week comes from Highland Budokan in Inverness.

After sharing content from JudoScotland, Edinburgh Club and DestinationJudo for the first 10 weeks of lockdown their coach Robert has started delivering their own sessions, and after only 3 weeks has built to figures of over 1,000 views and now delivers several 'online opportunities' each week!

Well done to Highland Budokan, let's hope it keeps growing!

We also know others have just started delivering online and this goes to show that it's never too late.


#Motivational Monday 08/06/20

This week we gain some quality motivation from Alex Short, Alex is a JudoScotland performance athlete and GBR Judo Team member from The Edinburgh Club.

Many of you will remember Alex’s outstanding performance at the European Judo Open Glasgow 2018 where he won Gold in spectacular fashion. What a day that was!!! 

Alex said one of his favourite quotes for self-motivation is “What we think, we become” this is taken from the teaching of Buddhism and Alex said that it keeps him in the right frame of mind when pushing himself.

Thanks’ for the clip Alex (and Ollie) its been a great insight into your world.


#Motivation Monday 01/06/20

"What lies in our power to do, lies in our power not to do" (Aristotle)

In these testing and challenging times, we can draw on the Judo moral code and contribute to society by remembering to exercise self-control and socially distance - even when visiting friends and relatives. 

Have a great day!


#Motivation Monday 25/05/20

"Obstacles don't have to stop you. If you run into a wall, don't turn around and give up. Figure out how to climb it, go through it or work around it." - Michael Jordan

The situation we face today is certainly an obstacle, but hopefully together we can find a way to work around it.

Is your club doing, or considering, a 'Lockdown Grading' to provide motivation and structured learning for your members?

Why not register for our first 'Chat Room' conversation on Thursday to explore how it might work for you, or to share your plans with others?


#Motivation Monday 18/05/20

Kyuzo Mifune - "Mastery of Judo cannot be accomplished in a short time. Since skills depend on mental and physical application, constant training is essential"

There are many practices and activities that you can do at home to keep training to maintain or develop your skills. Have a look at the other pages in the JudoScotland Isolation Station for some ideas.


#Motivation Monday 11/05/20

Hamilton Judo Club recently saw their efforts rewarded in the Hamilton Sports Council Awards, with their club winning Club of the Year and one of their coaches winning Volunteer of the Year.

Hamilton Judo Club started an adaptive judo class in March 2019 in partnership with South Lanarkshire Leisure and Culture, Active Schools South Lanarkshire and JudoScotland, and have since worked tirelessly to develop this class, delivering around 100 taster sessions throughout the year in a variety of settings. This has resulted in their adaptive judo class being hugely popular, with 34 children joining, with 18 attending on a regular basis, eventually leading to expansion, including an adult adaptive class due to local demand, with 6 attending this class and another 3 adults with a disability attending their mainstream classes.

This success has also led to the club coaching team expanding. Joe Lynas, who won Volunteer of the Year, was one of their new coaches. Despite being involved with the club for around 50 years, he had not qualified as a coach, until assisting with these classes sparked an interest in adaptive judo. This led to Joe completing his UKCC Level 1 qualification, which he has put to use both during these classes and in many tasters which he has assisted with.


#Motivation Monday 04/05/20


#Motivation Monday 27/04/20 JudoScotland would like to say a huge 'thank you' to all key workers, who are exemplifying the Judo Moral Code at this difficult time.

If you have any key workers who are part of your Club community, please tag them to recognise their commitment and hard work.

#Motivation Monday 20/04/20

“Do not let what you can not do interfere with what you can do.” – John Wooden

Celebrating a selection of some of the good work our clubs are doing online to keep their members active, if your club is not below and you would like to share some their good work then get in touch to or DM us on Facebook or Instagram.

#Motivation Monday 13/04/20

During this period of social distancing Irvine Judo Club donated 50 Easter eggs they had bought for their members and a couple of food parcels to Fullarton and Vineburgh Community Hubs.

A fantastic act of kindness which certainly echoes the values of judo and Kano’s vision of judoka contributing to society.



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