Kai Club

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Kai Club

The exclusive club for JudoScotland members aged 5 – 7 years.

If you are JudoScotland member between 5 & 7, you will have received your cool new Kai Club poster and will be ready to start collecting your stickers.

As you work through your poster, your coach will award you a sticker for each section you complete.


  • Moral Code

    Moral Code

    1. Show you are a good friend and member of your club.

    2. Are you willing to help others when needed?

    3. Are you able to play fair in competitive situations?


  • Balance


    1. Can you balance on one leg standing still for 3 seconds?

    2. Can you hop down the mat?

    3. Can you balance on one leg whilst doing a reaping motion with your other leg?

  • Waza


    1. Can you Tai Sabaki?

    2. Can you adapt to your partner's shape when they attack?

    3. Can you show any stage of waza? (i.e. Te Waza, Kuzushi & Tai Sabaki)

  • Kenko


    1. Can you do a basic squat and maintain good body posture?

    2. Are you taking the time to perform these exercises correctly?

    3. Can you do Tasabaki the demonstrate a correct squat position?


  • I'm a Star

    I'm a Star

    1. What is an important stage of a Kai syllabus technique?

    2. Can you perform the technique with an Uke?

    3. Can you perform the technique whilst moving?

  • Smooth Moves

    Smooth Moves

    1. Why is shrimping important in Newaza?

    2. Can you demonstrate the shrimping motion?

    3. Can you shrimp away from Uke as Osae-komi is being applied?

  • C & C

    C & C

    1. Why is Coordination and Control important when doing judo?

    2. Are you coordinated whilst doing basic warm up activities?

    3. Can you keep control while throwing with any Kai Syllabus technique?

  • Uke-Tastic


    1. Can you show a front roll and do Mai Ukemi correctly?

    2. Can you pay attention when Uke is practising?

    3. Can you demonstrate allowing Uke to execute their Nage waza?

  • Hall of Fame

    Hall of Fame

    1. At what weight does Sally Conway fight?

    2. What medal did Sally Conway win at the Rio Olympic Games?

    3. What is Sally Conway's training Motto? (Hint you will find it in the athletes area )

  • Smooth Moves

    Smooth Moves

    1. Can you move freely around the mat without falling or crashing into other judoka?

    2. Can you demonstrate Tsugi Ashi?

    3. Can you demonstrate Tsugi Ashi with a Uke?

  • Kano's Gems

    Kano's Gems

    1. Who is Jigoro Kano?

    2. Can you tell your coach something interesting about Jigoro Kano?

    3. What is special about the date 28th of October?

  • Rhythm & Timimg

    Rhythm & Timimg

    1. Why is Rhythm & Timing Important when we are doing judo?

    2. Can you demonstrate a sweeping rhythm when sweeping the Ashi bag?

    3. Can you time the start of an Ashi-Waza correctly?