Lisa Allan Nominated for IJF General Secretary

Lisa Allan has been nominated for the role of General Secretary of the International Judo Federation (IJF). If elected by IJF member organisations, Lisa will become the first woman and first British person to hold this role.

With a wealth of experience on the International Judo stage, Lisa has been involved in Judo since 1976 where she started at Tora Scotia Judo Club in Leith, Edinburgh. Since then, she has held a number of prestigious positions with Scottish sports, European and International Judo. As the Judo Manager for the organising committee for the Olympics and Paralympic Games in London 2012, Lisa oversaw the delivery of what is arguably the biggest Judo event in world sport. Lisa has held the position of Events Director at the International Judo Federation since 2013, managing and developing events on the IJF World Judo Tour. Since 2017, she has also held the position of Executive Committee Member where she has worked collaboratively to implement IJF activities within the framework of the IJF aims.

On her nomination, Lisa added, “It would be an enormous honour for me to be elected as the next General Secretary and is something I would be totally committed to. I will listen to understand, the needs and desires of the National Federations so that I can help support their development I will ensure that the IJF continues to have the highest standards of transparency, democracy and integrity. I will work closely with my colleagues from across the IJF to ensure we continue to maintain our high standards and continue to promote fair play, openness, integrity and trust. More than anything I will l continue to nurture the judo values that are at the heart of our sport, and I will always be a positive ambassador for this sport that I love.”

The election for the position of General Secretary will take place at the IJF Congress on 4th May 2023. To read Lisa’s full manifesto click here.