Niall Allison of Orkney Judo Club has been awarded JudoScotland Volunteer of the year 2022.  The JudoScotland Coaching and Volunteering Awards are a National Awards programme designed to recognise the hard work and dedication of the Judo workforce in Scotland. The Volunteer of the Year recognises the hard work and dedication of an individual who has made an outstanding contribution to their club, the wider judo community, and the development of judo.

Niall, on winning the award, commented, “When I received the email that I had been nominated for the award, I was totally lost for words, and anyone who knows me will realise this is an exceptional case. I feel I just do what needs to be done for the members to get the most out of their judo in my eyes. I am happy to drive 350-plus miles each way to attend competitions, gradings, and events. I enjoy seeing the kids’ faces when they learn new techniques, and they work when they try them. I am so pleased that JudoScotland has made the effort to come to the furthest North judo club in the UK and can appreciate the position of our club when attending events with Paul having to spend 2 days in Orkney to do the presentation.”

Paul McGuinness of JudoScotland added, “Niall has been pivotal in helping Orkney Judo Club, a volunteer-run club, flourish into a successful Judo club with a waiting list to join. Between his day job and judo, Niall along with the other volunteers spend time arranging the logistics for their club members to attend competitions and events on the mainland over 300 miles away. His and indeed the club’s commitment to the development of the club and the sport of judo in Orkney is admirable, we need more volunteers like Niall.”

Niall was presented his award on Sunday 8th of January at Orkney Judo Club by JudoScotland People Development Executive Paul McGuinness.


Photo Credit: Martin Laird