St. Andrew’s Secondary in the East of Glasgow and new Judo Charity – Sporting Chances have embarked on an ambitious program of Judo for the pupils and the community in the surrounding areas. In a partnership brokered by community charity,  Spirit Aid – this ground-breaking initiative seeks to bring judo to a wider audience and deliver key benefits to the pupils of St Andrew’s and the communities in which they live.

St Andrew’s and Sporting Chances will incorporate judo as a key element in the school environment – Providing judo lessons to as many pupils as possible and supporting a progressive program of learning and participation. The program will augment school life and widen exposure for the sport of Judo to new participants, their families and their communities.

The work has started well with hundreds of pupils taking part in the first full term of operations. In the near future Sporting Chances plan to work with primary schools in the surrounding area to introduce judo to the younger age groups and offer sponsored places within the Sporting Chances Squad system – so that promising judoka can progress as far as they want.

John McGhee Head Teacher at St Andrew’s Secondary commented When Spirit Aid suggested judo and Sporting Chances to us a few months ago and we wanted to know more. When they spoke with passion about the benefits of the sport and the judo moral code, we could see immediately the connection with our own school values. In addition to giving our pupils another set of valuable life skills, I can see that they are having lots of fun. I see the pupils benefitting in a whole range of ways, some of which we haven’t even considered”

Robert Frood, Chief Exec, Sporting Chances added “St Andrew’s is a wonderful setting in which to develop judo. There is a really strong spirit of learning and collaboration. The pupils are enthusiastic and there’s an abundance of energy and athleticism. I’m sure judo can bring benefits to St Andrew’s and I’m equally sure that our sport will benefit from this work.”