JudoScotland’s Chief Executive Officer, Judith McCleary, travelled to Orkney to present our Community Coach of the Year award to Orkney Judo Club’s Reanne Wylie.

Reanne, who has been coaching at her club for five years, was delighted to receive the award: “I’m amazed and delighted to have won the Community Coach of the Year award. I am very proud of my club and everyone that is part of it, especially being part of a remote island community. I would like to thank those who voted for me, coaches who have and still do help in developing both my judo and coaching skills & knowledge and the amazing people I get to work with every week.

Reanne is an excellent example of how a coach adjusts their teaching style to meet the needs of the students by providing guidance to all judoka in her community. She embodies the spirit of judo, playing a pivotal role in her club’s growth and development. Reanne’s dedication extends beyond coaching; she leads a parent-led fundraising group, manages the club’s finances, and ensures compliance with child protection and safety regulations.

Judith, who was welcomed at Orkney Judo Club said: “One of my highlights at work is to get out and about in the judo community and it doesn’t get much better than visiting Orkney Judo Club on a beautiful sunny weekend! Reanne epitomises the array of skills that great coaches have. Through a chat with Reanne, she was sharing her own self learning ambitions that allude to Jigoro Kano’s philosophy of striving to perfect oneself in order to contribute to society. Well, Reanne is most certainly making a positive impact in her local community and is a deserved winner of the national Community Coach of the Year award”.

She has been instrumental in growing the club, first as a senior member, then as an assistant coach undertaking the Level 1 coaching course, followed by Level 2. Her involvement in the JudoScotland Coaching Academy has enhanced her coaching skills, benefiting both young and adult judoka. All of these efforts help her provide a calm and friendly environment for students to learn and enjoy the art of judo.

Reanne’s commitment to her club is further demonstrated by her initiatives, such as establishing a womens-only session and a technical squad for competitors, as well as her efforts in designing the club kit. The club has also recently set up an additional weekly judo session for under 8’s with a fantastic uptake. Starting judo as an adult, Reanne has become an invaluable asset to her island community, sharing her knowledge selflessly and fostering a supportive environment for all students.