One of JudoScotland’s key goals identified in our JudoForAll strategy is Corporate Excellence, and as such we are continuing to review our governance to help us reach our ambitions.

The Board is proposing a few amendments to the Articles of Association, a summary of which can be found here.

Below are the two main amendments being proposed with some more information to support our member clubs in making informed decisions:-

1. The Chair and the Treasurer roles are proposed to have open recruitment processes.

This aligns with the UK Sports Code of Governance and by introducing this change, JudoScotland will be following best practice guidance which is already in place across the majority of other medium to large Governing Bodies.

An interview system to identify the most suitable candidates against the skills required for these roles has been recommended to JudoScotland through an independent audit by KPMG and our major stakeholder sportscotland.

An interview system is in place for Chair and Treasurer roles at the British Judo Association and by introducing these changes, we would align more closely in our practices.

2. The President and Vice-President roles are proposed to have tenure lengths instead of being positions appointed for life.

This amendment is proposed in in-keeping with the UK Sports Code of Governance which all Governing Bodies of Sport are strongly encouraged to adhere to.

These are important ambassadorial roles for JudoScotland and by introducing these changes, the tenure lengths will align with JudoScotland’s Board of Director term lengths and enable a flow of people with varying skills to support the organisation.

On the proposed amendments, Graham Campbell (JudoScotland Treasurer and Corporate Working Group) comments:

‘A number of critical changes were made to the Articles of Association last year following an independent audit by KPMG. The recommended changes this year reflect our ongoing ambitions to improve our governance and align more closely with good business practice to support JudoScotland in its strategic planning and delivery.’

Should anybody have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our Chair Marc Preston or our CEO Judith McCleary.