Bellahouston Judo Club proudly marks its 50th anniversary this year, kicking off a series of celebratory events. Founded in 1974 by Eric Kane, following the closure of the Osaka Club, the club started its journey at Bellahouston Sport Centre.

Over the decades, it journeyed through different locations, from The Palace of Arts to Pollokshields, finally finding its home at The Arc Sports Centre at Glasgow Caledonian University.

Eric Kane has been a National Competitor, Coach, Team Manager and has held various Governing Body Positions throughout that time yet his enthusiasm has not diminished. He has been practising judo since 1967 and now in his 77th Year, he is still on the mats each week.

Club Coach Derek McCutcheon presented Eric with a plaque adorned with the ‘7 Virtues of Bushido’, symbolising righteousness, loyalty, honour, respect, honesty, courage, and consistency—values deeply ingrained in Bellahouston Judo Club’s ethos.

This is particularly apt as Eric has always emphasised the teachings of Jigoro Kano (The Founder of Judo).

Jigoro Kano is well known for his motivational teaching and quotes such as ‘Maximum Efficiency, Minimal Effort’, ‘Mutual Welfare and Benefit’, ‘The purpose Of Judo Is to Perfect Yourself and To Contribute To Society’, ‘Judo Helps Us To Understand That Worry Is A Waste Of Energy’ and many more which are as valuable today as they ever were.

Club Members were issued with a specially struck commemorative medal and plans are in place for a dinner with past and current members.

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