Clubs in our Scottish judo community have been invited to become affiliated with the BJA. The affiliation process for the 2024/25 season is now open, offering your club the opportunity to be officially recognised and endorsed by the British National Governing Body for judo.

Affiliated clubs will proudly display the British Judo Affiliated Club status, signifying a commitment to excellence, safety, and the values that make judo a remarkable sport.

National Recognition
Affiliating with British Judo opens doors to national recognition. Your club will be part of a network that spans across nations, allowing your members to connect with judo enthusiasts from diverse backgrounds.

Official Certificate:
Displaying the British Judo Affiliated Club certificate adds a prestigious touch to your club’s identity. It signifies that your club aligns with the highest standards set by the BJA in terms of coaching, safety, and sportsmanship.

Access to BJA Resources:
Affiliated clubs gain exclusive access to a wealth of resources provided by the BJA. This includes coaching materials, training programs, and educational resources that can enhance the skills and knowledge of both coaches and athletes.

Event Opportunities:
Affiliated clubs have the chance to participate in and host a variety of BJA-sanctioned events, tournaments, and championships. This not only provides valuable exposure for your club but also allows your members to experience the thrill of competitive judo at different levels.

Click here to become affiliated