It’s time to announce the winners of our Fighting Fit Summer Challenge! The Fighting Fit challenge is designed to support Judoka and Clubs, to support JudoScotland’s Player Development Framework, and promote the club’s engagement with its members through the summer (a period of traditionally reduced activity). Fighting Fit is a flexible programme of physical development that can be delivered through various methods virtually, outdoor activity or at the dojo.

This Summer, judoka and clubs from across the country took part to be named Fighting Fit Champion.

Category winner David Stewart shared, “The fighting fit challenge helped with my rehabilitation from a longer-term training injury. It gave me a focus especially when regular training, and most frustratingly randori, just wasn’t an option.”

Congratulations to all participants and winners.

Category Winners

The overall winner of each category will receive a Fighting Films/Fighting Fit Clothing bundle. The winners are:

Under 12 Girls -44kg (Category 2) Hannah Low Tayside

Under 12 Girls +44kg (Category 3) Natalia Jachacy Tayside

Under 12 Boys -42kg (Category 2) Cameron Rennie Tayside

Under 12 Boys +42kg (Category 3) Sam Brown Castle Douglas

Pre-Cadet Girls 13/14 +48kg (Category 6) Sophie Cormack Tayside

Pre-Cadet Boys 13/14 -55kg (Category 5) Leo McGillivary Tayside

Pre-Cadet Boys 13/14 +55kg (Category 6) Murray Baillie Just Judo

Cadet Boys 15/16/17 -55kg (Category 7) Andrew McWatt Titan

Cadet Boys 15/16/17 -73kg (Category 8) Joshua Stewart Castle Douglas

Cadet Boys 15/16/17 +73kg (Category 9) Alister Doig Just Judo

Junior & Senior Male 18+ +90kg (Category 12) Joe Timney Titan

Master Female 30+ +70kg (Category 15) Jo Imrie Jidel Judo 93*

Master Female 30+ +70kg (Category 15) Nicola Russell Tams Brig

Master Male 30+ -73kg (Category 13) Paul McWatt Titan

Master Male 30+ -90kg (Category 14) Tony Penfold Just Judo*

Master Male 30+ +90kg (Category 15) David Stewart Dumfries Academy


Club Winners

The winning Club will receive the Annual ‘Fighting Fit’ Trophy, engraved with club name. In addition, all clubs with over 10 participants were entered into a ‘lucky dip’ to win one ‘Blazepod’ kit – a superb training aid to engage your members in fun physical activity.

Fittest Club Trophy: Tayside

Club Lucky Dip: Tayside


The Jackpot Prize

One lucky winner from each age band, drawn at random from all participants, to win a personalised Fighting Films JudoScotland Superstar Judogi.

The Winners Are:

Under 12: Callum Murray Tayside

Pre-cadet: Murray Baillie Just Judo

Cadet: Alister Doig Just Judo

Junior & Senior: Joe Timney Titan

Masters: David Stewart Dumfries Academy

*As JudoScotland staff members they will not receive the prize, the prize will be passed to the runner-up in the category and where there is no runner-up, the prize will not be rewarded.