When: 30th September – 1st October

Where: sportscotland National Centre, Inverclyde

We are pleased to be back at sportscotland National Centre, Inverclyde for our flagship development event. The Gathering is so much more than just a revalidation event, with an action-packed weekend both on and off the mat for all Judoka over 14 years old.

We are delighted to announce our first guests for The Gathering 2023! After an excellent session at The Gathering 2022, we are pleased to welcome back Three-time World Champion,  Masashi Ebinuma and Two-time All Japan Champion Kana Ebinuma to The Gathering 2023!

What you said about, Masashi and Kana’s sessions.

“The technicity and the importance of uchikomis and repetitions with attention on the details”

“Simple clear instructions, plenty of time to practice each stage. Point-by-point corrections delivered in a very clear visual manner.”

“Fantastic and very valuable techniques demonstrated which I’ll continue to practice.”

Keep your eyes peeled for more guest announcements and booking details.