JudoScotland is pleased to share that Gary Edwards has been awarded his 7th Dan diploma from the IJF. Obtaining a Dan grade is one of the highest accolades for a Judoka, working your way through the Dan grades is a truly phenomenal achievement.

In the words of Prof Jigoro Kano; “rank advancement should signify not only technical proficiency, but your level of advancement in issues of morality and character development, and contributions to society, community and the greater world around you.”

Gary has dedicated his life to Judo, competing at the highest level for GB Judo at the World Championships in 1995 and three European Championships. In 2002, the former British no1 represented Scotland at the Manchester Commonwealth Games. In recent years Gary has been laying the foundations for the next generation of Scottish Judoka as the National Talent Development Coach for JudoScotland.

JudoScotland would like to congratulate Gary on his tremendous achievement of attaining 7th Dan.