As an organisation, we are committed to achieving corporate excellence and our Board and Staff are continually challenging what we can do better.

One of the things identified by the Board a number of months ago was the need to have clarity on the criteria, selection and approval process for JudoScotland Lifetime Membership and Hall of Fame Awards.

Following work undertaken recently, we are delighted to now share our new policies.

We encourage members to nominate individuals who meet the criteria and who they think are deserving of these prestigious awards.

The nomination forms for both the JudoScotland Hall of Fame and Lifetime Membership can be found below:

Lifetime Membership Nomination FormHall of Fame Nomination Form

Our Chairman, Marc Preston, said: “JudoScotland Lifetime Membership recognises an individual’s exceptional contribution to judo in Scotland whilst our Hall of Fame awards recognise an individual’s exceptional achievements within judo. Both are awarded based on not only an individual’s contribution and / or achievement but based on the individual consistently demonstrating the values within judo’s moral code. We haven’t had a clear process in the past and I’m absolutely delighted to have these new policies in place that provide greater transparency to our members. As always, we may not have thought of everything so we welcome any feedback that can be taken into consideration when we review the policies.”

Guidance for the forms can be found below:

Lifetime Membership PolicyHall of Fame Policy