Working with key partners in sport, JudoScotland is pleased to launch the Player Development Framework. As the first part of the exciting and ever-developing Blueprint for Judo in Scotland, the framework is designed to turn fun physical activity into sport for life.

The purpose of the framework is to support coaches and individuals to achieve their potential within Judo and develop vital skills, not just for sport, but for life. Designed as guidelines rather than tramlines, The Player Development Framework is available for everyone to access and utilise.

National High Performance Coach for Judo, Euan Burton discussed the need for the framework, “The framework is a guide to support those involved in the development of judoka and I am hopeful that it can be a reference point that can be continuously returned to for guidance, support and promoting discussion. It will always require judoka and coaches to bring it to life and I am eager to see how this happens following the launch.”

“A huge thank you to the many partners who have inputted to, shaped and scrutinised the framework to allow it to get to this point.”

Head of Business Delivery at JudoScotland, Tony Penfold added “Never before have JudoScotland been so clear and concise about what we believe contributes to the appropriate development of judoka. I am looking forward to the discussions that follow to help us continue to align our programmes and initiatives to better support coaches, clubs, parents and members to fulfil all our potential”

If you would like to make the most of the Player Development Framework, including video guidance on some of the key elements, click the button below.

Access The Player Development Framework