JudoMark has just become more straightforward!

Club accreditation schemes can often seem daunting, but here at JudoScotland, we are looking to change the club’s experience into a positive one. We see JudoMark as a club development tool, where clubs can pick and mix the different areas that meet their clubs’ needs, breaking the task into bite-size pieces. Our aim as a governing body is to ensure that all our affiliated clubs have access to the resources they need to make Judo a safe and welcoming place for anyone who walks into a dojo. We have introduced a new online system that will make the process of JudoMark more straightforward, more secure and easier to complete.

The bonus is if you choose to complete all areas of JudoMark your club will then receive JudoMark accreditation which will open up a variety of club benefits, benefit your club when working with local partners and may even open up funding opportunities!

To find out how your club can get involved click here.