Monica Lennon MSP launches Health and Wellbeing for all at Hamilton Judo Club!

The impact of COVID-19 has been felt across the sports industry. To improve students‘ and parents’ mental health and physical well-being, the disability Lead coach at Hamilton Judo Club, John D’Ambrosio has started a Health and Well-being session for adults of all ages and fitness levels, that includes active and regular exercises. While the parents of the disability /ASN students were invited and offered a safe space to talk about their concerns and share opinions.

On Tuesday 24th August Monica Lennon attended the club with Coreen Fulton, PA/diary secretary. Later, Stephen Sweeney CEO of VASLan joined the Wellbeing session. It was a great time for everyone, parents and coaches to talk to Monica and Stephen while Monica graciously presented one of the ASN students with his first grade.