A Brief update from the Chair of some key events and recent news from August

Hi Judo Community,

Some exciting news as we are now moving into a different period for JudoScotland.

Currently, our main focus is the development of our Strategic Plan for the next 4 years. The process is already well underway, with a survey having been sent out to all members. This was followed up by an online consultation session with members of the judo community. I would like to thank you for the incredible response we have had.  Thanks to all of those who took part. A special mention to Keira Ansell, Shishi Kai Club who, to the best of my knowledge, and at the age of 11, is the youngest JudoScotland member to have participated in such a conversation. Keira contributed some valuable – and well-thought-through – ideas and suggestions. Thank you, Keira.

During our recent Board of Directors meeting on 23rd August, we welcomed our new, Independent Director, Jodie Cox.  She is a dual-qualified solicitor with experience in sports litigation – and her current role is Legal Case Manager at the International Tennis Integrity Agency.  Her skills are a valuable addition to the Board and she has already added value in helping us put together our new, proposed Articles.  Thanks Jodie.

Another piece of good news.  I would also like to announce that the Board of Directors wanted to mark the significant contribution that both Ronnie Saez and Tam Brown have made to Scottish Judo.  Lifetime membership for each of them was approved this August in recognition of the great amounts of hard work and dedication they have shown over the years to our sport.  Well done both – much deserved!

Thanks also go to Andy Ramage, member of the Scottish Judo Community.  During the Edinburgh Festival, he kindly invited a group of ‘auld judoka’ from JudoScotland and British Judo to his Japanese Restaurant just off the Pleasance and provided us with fantastic hospitality.  Andy is closing this much-loved venue down, after many years, and we wish him and his family all the best for the future.

And finally, as the new academic year gets underway our numbers are continuing to grow – with membership back to 91% of pre-covid levels. I would like to congratulate our coaches, clubs and JudoScotland staff for their efforts in developing our sport and increasing membership.  Judith, myself and the JudoScotland team are all looking forward to spending the day with many of you at The Scottish All Stars Championship this Sunday at Ravenscraig.  I will let you know how it all goes in next month’s report.

Marc Preston

JudoScotland Chair