There are more ways to be part of the team outside of competing, so why not take on a new challenge and become part of your club’s team as a referee or technical official? Support your club by supporting local events. If you are interested in representing your club as a referee or official representative, then why not register your interest for our up-and-coming courses by emailing us at

Become a Technical Official

Who is a Technical Official?
From Timekeepers to Competition Controllers Technical Officials are the volunteers at events that carry out roles other than the referee.
What Does A Technical Official Do?
There are several different positions of a technical officials in Judo. Usually found at the control table or mat side, a technical official ensures the smooth running of an event.
How Do I Become A Technical Official?
The great news is that to start your technical official journey, no judo experience is required! JudoScotland will provide all the training you need to start as a timekeeper.

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Become a Referee

Who is the Referee?

The referee is the volunteer who can be found at the centre of all the action at tournaments and gradings ensuring the contests are conducted in a fair and safe way.
What Does the Referee Do?
Referees ensure that contests are conducted safely and correctly, following approved contest rules, and ultimately making the call on who wins or loses by giving scores/penalties to Judoka.
How Do I Become A Referee?
If you are at least a green belt and over the age of 12 you can start your refereeing journey. As you build your skills and experience you will have the opportunity to advance through a structure of eight levels.

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