This Saturday, the British National Team Championships will return to the Walsall Sports Centre, The University of Wolverhampton for an exciting day of Judo. Arguably one of the most exciting events on the domestic schedule, the National Teams is one of the rare opportunities Judoka get to compete under the saltire.

50 Judoka from sixteen different Scottish Clubs will compete together across three teams, in an attempt to be named British National Team Champion!

JudoScotland Teams

Pre-Cadet Team
Category Nominated Player Club Nominated Player Club
Boys -38kg Luke Hunter Jidel Judo 93
Girls -44kg Lexi Buchanan Sportif
Boys -42kg Haaris McGrorty Sportif
Girls -48kg Valentina Lawlor Sportif Kayla Smith Southside
Boys -46kg Harvey Hunter Hibarikan Lewis Yates Destination Judo
Girls -52kg Lucy McCabe Titan
Boys -50kg Callum Garvie Destination Judo
Boys -55kg James Rutherford Destination Judo
Girls -57kg Imogen McRitchie Sportif Rachel McClean Sportif
Boys -60kg Sean Mcaleese Sportif
Girls +57kg Sophie Couper Southside
Boys +60kg Neeson Flynn Elgin
Cadet Team
Category Nominated Player Club Nominated Player Club
Girls -48kg Rachael Gray Destination Judo
Boys -50kg Coen Gilbert Whitburn
Girls -52kg Harriot Jones Pro Judo Jocelyn Callaghan Destination Judo
Boys -55kg Joseph Buchanan Sportif Rhys Clydesdale JC Esprit
Girls -57kg Sarah Smith Destination Judo
Boys -60kg Steven Rabet Sportif Archie Strang Destination Judo
Girls -63kg Sophie McMillan Whitburn
Boys -66kg Ross McWatt Garioch Judo Sol Savoury Sportif
Boys -73kg Eden Heffernan Pro Judo Finlay Strang Destination Judo
Boys -81kg Fraser Clark Clyde
Girls +63kg Miai McCran Destination Judo
Boys +81kg Noah Black Clyde  


Senior Team
Category Nominated Player Club Nominated Player Club
Women -52kg Sophie Carson Clyde

Men -66kg

Luke Caldwell Pro Judo Reece Edwards Edinburgh Judo
Women -57kg Sunny Doig Just-Judo
Men -73kg Aiden Moffat Tayside Ben Fox Kennedy Camberley/Sportif
Women -63kg Tomi Imrie Jidel Judo 93 Sophie Wood Sportif
Men -81kg Colin Macdonald George Brown Camberley/Sportif
Women -70kg Xaviere Hermant Edinburgh University Anna Purves Jidel Judo 93
Men -90kg Cameron Reid-Thomas Sportif
Women +70kg Rachel Tytler Pro Judo Hazel Taylor Shishi-Kai
Men +90kg Gregor Miller Tayside Andrew McWatt Garioch Judo