This weekend we hosted the JudoScotland Annual General Meeting as part of The Gathering weekend. There were serval important resolutions for our membership to vote on:
Proposed Changes to the JudoScotland Articles of Association
We are pleased to announce that with a majority of 86%, the Judoscotland membership passed the changes to the Articles of Association.
Since the last review in 2015, standards of governance have changed significantly, and following an independent audit by KPMG earlier this year, several recommendations were suggested as critical for JudoScotland. We are delighted that our membership sees the value in the updates.
Appointment of Chair of the Company
Marc Preston has been elected by the JudoScotland membership as Chair of JudoScotland and will continue in the role for the next four years. We would like to take this opportunity to thank Johnny Imrie for taking the time to put himself forward for the position.
Marc will provide a personal update in the Chairs monthly newsletter later this week.
Appointment of Two Non-Executive Directors of the Company
The appointment of two Non-Executive Board Members was made by the membership and as such we are pleased to welcome David Gibson to the Board and welcome back Mark Brien who has been re-elected to his position.
We would also like to take the opportunity to thank Sarah Clark for her time on the Board and for the valuable contributions she has provided over the years.
Plenary Session – Strategy 2023-2027
Thank you to those that stayed and contributed to the JudoScotland Strategy Plenary session, we look forward to sharing and working with you all as we look to implement the strategy in 2023.