Please note that with immediate effect there are changes to the rules for weigh ins.

This affects all competitions and events, at all levels as of 6 Oct 2022

With immediate effect, all under 18s must be weighed in through an open weigh-in.

The open weigh-in must be conducted in an open environment where the scales, players, officials and parents can be openly seen.

Players must not get changed into their judogi trousers and/or t-shirts in the weigh-in area; they must arrive already changed or use the appropriate changing rooms.

All players who are under 18 MUST weigh in wearing contest-legal judogi trousers, and a plain round-neck t-shirt.

The following allowances are to be used for open weigh ins:

Weight Groups Weight Allowance
All weight groups -66kg/ -63kg and below 0.6kg
All weight groups -73kg/ -70kg and above 0.8kg

Where an event has both over and under 18s in a category, there must be provisions in place to keep the open weigh in separate to the closed weigh in.

An option would be to weigh all competitors in using an open weigh in, as there does not have to be a separation of under-18s from over 18s in an open weigh in but where everyone must be dressed in contest legal judogi trousers, and a plain round neck t-shirt.

We plan to review the weight allowances in January, following the British Championships.

Please note that this will shortly be shown in the tournament handbook.

If you have any questions or feedback about the above please contact