JudoScotland has recently undertaken a thorough review of the Articles of Association and has a number of recommended amendments for the approval of the membership.

Since the last review in 2015, standards of governance have changed significantly, and following an independent audit by KPMG earlier this year, a number of recommendations were suggested as critical for JudoScotland.

Representing our Board, Graham Campbell has led the review in recent months; he has worked closely with our new CEO Judith McCleary and other Board members to identify appropriate changes to the articles to ensure JudoScotland has a robust governance that will support us in reaching our future ambitions.

On the proposed amendments, Graham Campbell (JudoScotland Treasurer and Corporate Working Group) comments:

“The purpose of the proposed changes is to improve governance, increase diversity and align more closely with accepted business practice.  If we are successful in this, we will also improve the breadth of Board expertise and be more able to support the company in strategic planning and initiatives”.

Speaking on behalf of sportscotland, our Partnership Manager Sandy Hodge comments:

“Having good governance is key to the success of any organisation. Speaking on behalf of sportscotland as an investment partner, we are in full support of the Board’s recommended changes which, if approved, will bring JudoScotland’s articles into greater alignment with the Code for Sports Governance”.

Proposed JudoScotland ArticlesSummary of Proposed Amendments

Should members have any questions related to the proposals, we will be hosting an online session on the 24th of October at 7 pm. This session is an opportunity for you to find out more from Marc Preston (Chair), Graham Campbell (Treasurer and Corporate Working Group) and Judith McCleary (Chief Executive Officer)

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Full details on how eligible clubs can vote will be sent out directly via our external partner Civica on Thursday 13th of October.