Charlie Strachan, of Tams Brig Judo Club, was presented with the JudoScotland Disability Coach of the Year award by JudoScotland’s Head of Business Delivery Tony Penfold. Upon receiving the national award, Charlie paid tribute to the rest of the Tams Brig team, including his wife and fellow coach Michelle Strachan who won the same award last year, stating: “This award was not just down to me. It was teamwork on a massive scale from JudoScotland, club coaches, parents and last but not least the athletes themselves. Everyone had a part to play and I am just very proud I could be the catalyst bringing all this together.

Charlie goes above and beyond in his approach to make Tam’s Brig Judo Club an inclusive and welcoming environment to all. The club has a diverse membership which includes members who have physical, leaning, and sensory disabilities. His dedication ensures that every member feels not only welcomed but truly valued, enabling them to fully engage in club activities and advance in their judo journey.

After presenting the award, Tony said: “From the minute I walked into the club Charlie told me about everything and everyone – except himself! Such humility was matched with immense pride in the club, all its members and their plans for the future. The buzz in Tams Brig Judo Club tells you how inclusive it is, everyone’s included, everyone’s involved and everyone’s having a great time – especially Charlie”.

Going beyond the expected, Charlie took the initiative to learn Deafblind Manual which is a way to communicate using touch only. His encouragement for others to explore this skill reflects his unwavering dedication to inclusive communication.

Charlie Strachan has received praise from across the country for his coaching.

He adapts his coaching to allow judoka to feel a technique and ensures a thorough understanding of what is being done. He strongly believes in nurturing “home-grown” coaches, inspiring members of his club to start their own judo coaching journey. This has culminated in a diverse coaching workforce that supports Charlie’s drive to introduce judo to a wide range of individuals.

Charlie Strachan’s recognition as the JudoScotland Disability Coach of the Year highlights his commitment to fostering inclusivity at Tams Brig Judo Club. His forward-thinking approaches reflect his dedication to ensuring every member feels valued and supported.

By promoting internal coaching, Charlie creates a judo community where everyone can thrive. His leadership exemplifies the transformative impact of empathy and determination within sports, inspiring a legacy of inclusivity and excellence.