JudoScotland were on the move again as we delivered Nicola Brawley her Volunteer of the Year award at Irvine Judo Club.

Nicola, club treasurer, carries out a host of duties within the club. Whether it be as an event coordinator, competition organiser, first aider or even a mat cleaner, there seems to be no job Nicola does not do. Nicola is a volunteer who only has the smooth operation of the club on her agenda.

As well as all the above, Nicola organises the Judo Girls Rock session at her club, a participation programme aimed at bridging the gender gap in judo, particularly among young females. This initiative not only promotes inclusivity within the sport but also addresses the broader issue of female underrepresentation in physical activity programs, both locally and nationally.

Nicola epitomises how the support roles outside the dojo enhance the training within it. Thanks to Nicola’s work behind the scenes, the coaches can focus solely on their role as Nicola has everything else covered!

Speaking after the presentation, she said: “I’m delighted I won the award. I would like to thank our head coach Gordon Brawley for the nomination. I love what I do for my club and the community.”

Nicola embodies the judo values through her work at Irvine JC, she fosters an atmosphere of friendship and camaraderie where everyone is welcome as she ensures every facet of the club continues to run smoothly.

Gordon, head coach of Irvine Judo Club, said: “I’d like to thank JudoScotland for recognising Nicola’s hard work over the past couple of years. She is a very hard-working individual who puts the club at the forefront of everything she does. Nicola keeps the club on a good financial footing by taking on the role of club treasurer, as well as club cleaner, club first aid woman, and volunteer without a second thought. She organises Xmas and Halloween parties, not forgetting Easter eggs. She is at the forefront when organising fun days and charity events. She is a workaholic and a good person who will always put others before herself, all for free. To quote one of her favourite sayings, ‘Aye, the cleaner will get it’.

Nicola’s unwavering dedication, selflessness, and tireless efforts truly exemplify why she is deserving of the Volunteer of the Year award.