We’d like to share the opportunities available to our members and the process for approval of JudoScotland as the recognised National Federation.

Details of the Championship that will incorporate Veterans, Newaza, Pre-Cadet, Cadet, Junior and Senior categories, can be found here. If you would like to represent Scotland within any of the categories, you must be able to evidence that you meet the required eligibility. It will also be the Judoka’s sole responsibility to cover entry fees and other costs associated with participating in the Commonwealth Judo Championship.

Within the Pre-Cadet, Cadet, Junior and Senior categories, JudoScotland will consider the approval of applications for judoka currently within a JudoScotland or Scottish institute of sport pathway / performance programme. Should there be more notes of interest submitted than places available, a panel consisting of JudoScotland’s CEO, National High Performance Coach and National Talent Development Manager will make a decision based on the suitability.

For Pre-Cadet, Cadet and Junior entrants only, JudoScotland can arrange travel & accommodation (although costs will need to be covered by individuals, expected to be in the region of £600pp) and will provide two staff members to accompany the judoka provided there are more than 6 entrants across these categories.

Within Senior, Newaza and Veteran categories, logistics will be the responsibility of the entrant.

If you are interested in applying, please check that you meet the Championship eligibility criteria and the approval guidance outlined by JudoScotland. Following the above, please submit a note of interest form to JudoScotland by 26th February 2024.

Note of interest form

After this stage, those with approved places will be contacted to supply the relevant information and entry fee to enable JudoScotland to make applications.

Should you have any questions at all, please contact info@judoscotland.com or call 0131 333 2981 to speak to a member of our team.