Ultimate Judo in Aberdeen has set a remarkable milestone by becoming the first club in Scotland to achieve the updated 2024 JudoMARK accreditation. Gordon, the head coach of Ultimate Judo, shared his insights into the accreditation process, the benefits it brings to the club, and the positive impact it has on their members and community.

As the governing body, our goal is to provide affiliated clubs with the essential resources required to create an environment in which judo becomes not only safe but also a smooth and welcoming experience for everyone who steps into a dojo.

As soon as Gordon began the process, JudoScotland were on hand to assist every step of the way: “I had a really positive experience, Sam (Ingram, our Club Support Officer) helped us through it. We had the last JudoMARK already so it was just a case of reviewing a lot of the policies and what we do. It was hard at times but very rewarding and ultimately will be so useful for the club and its members”

Becoming accredited will now also be beneficial in attracting new members, establishing trust among potential members serves as a mark of the club’s commitment to ensuring everyone’s safety and professionalism. This assurance is particularly crucial for parents looking for a secure and nurturing environment for their children, Gordon said: “This will benefit us hugely in attracting new people to us. It puts us in front other sports, as we can prove we have proper governance and that is supported by JudoScotland. We understand how important is to our community to foster relationships with the local authority and active schools. It is clear that stakeholders prioritise working with accredited clubs.  It gives parents and judoka the reassurance to trust us, that everything is in place and that we are safeguarding our members, staff and families.”

Sam Ingram presents the JudoMARK accreditation certificate to Ultimate Judo.

Ensuring safety was always at the forefront of Gordon’s mind throughout the process: “What stood out the most for us was the safeguarding aspect. We can show everyone how we keep each other safe. We had to update our policies and our constitution. When someone can hold you to it, it has to be specific to you as a club. We now have it nailed down how the club runs and what is expected of everyone. We are using JudoMARK to show our members we are taking this seriously and we can say what is expected of everyone, whether you’re a judo player, a coach or a parent. The JudoMARK means there are no grey areas.” He added, “We’re looking after the workforce as well, it’s often forgotten how important they are and this provides them some security and lets them know they are covered.”

Gordon’s experience resonates with the positive impact JudoMARK has on the club’s operations, providing clarity, professionalism, and a strong foundation for future success. Their achievement not only benefits the club but also contributes to the broader goal of creating safe, welcoming, and thriving judo communities across Scotland.

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