Do you have a passion to make Judo accessible to everyone in Scotland? Do you have ideas to shape the future of our sport? Then we need you!  

JudoScotland are looking for two directors and a treasurer to join our Board of Directors to help realise our new strategic plan ‘Judo For All’. 

We would particularly welcome applicants from individuals with skills in the following areas;  

  • High Performance 
  • Legal Expertise 
  • Business Marketing & PR  
  • Income Generation.  

However, we encourage anyone who is interested to get in touch for a chat as you may have more to offer than you first think!  

By being part of the JudoScotland Board, you will be involved in key decisions that will impact the direction of our sport, a truly fulfilling role. Don’t take our word for it, here’s what our current directors have to say.  

Jodie Cox, Independent Board Member shares her experience about being on the Board; “I wanted to use my skill set to positively contribute to a National Sport, and being on a Board has provided an invaluable opportunity to do so. The addition of two new independent directors this year, demonstrates the effect of Judo on the wider Scottish sports landscape, whilst also helping to bring a different perspective to the Board. It is also great to hear from members directly about the success of the Board decisions and how they are positively impacting the organisation and the communities in which they are based. As a Board, we all have different strengths and experiences, and collectively, we aim to contribute and shape JudoScotland for the better.” 

Mark Brien, added “I feel that creating a positive environment and giving support as a JudoScotland board member is important so that our CEO and staff team can implement JudoScotland’s vision.” 


If you are considering applying, have a look at the outlines below and feel free to get in touch for an informal chat.  

Application Process and Eligibility 

To be eligible to apply, you must be a JudoScotland member and be endorsed by two member clubs.  A suggested nomination pro forma can be found below; 

Treasurer Job DescriptionTreasurer Nomination Pro-formaDirectors Job DescriptionDirectors Nomination Pro-forma

Please submit your applications by 1630 hours on Wednesday 30 August 2023 to