Meet Your JudoScotland Board Candidates

Ahead of this year’s AGM, we gave notice on the 3rd of August for the nomination of two directors and a treasurer to join our Board to help realise our new strategic plan ‘Judo For All’.

We are absolutely delighted with the response from our membership and are pleased to share that we have had seven applications for the director’s position and one application for the treasurer position.  Below you will find the candidates who submitted applications by the closing date along with their pen portraits outlining their skills and how they hope to contribute to the Board. The successful candidates will be elected at the JudoScotland AGM on the 30th of September.

To support our member clubs to be as well informed as possible, we are facilitating an online Q&A session with our candidates on Monday 18th of September at 7pm. This is a great chance for you to get to know the candidates and to ask questions.

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Director Candidates

Head shot of Sarah Adlington

Sarah Adlington
“I have a lifelong passion for judo and am extremely grateful for the experiences, abilities, practices and connections that judo has afforded for me. I would like to help drive judo in Scotland forward so that it is seen as a sport for all.”

Pen Portrait

Diana Balsari
“To utilise my digital marketing knowledge to maximise the online visibility of JudoScotland and therefore of the clubs while also increasing the awareness of the public about the sport.

To build strong relationships with leading European teams to give Scottish athletes the best tools to develop.”

Pen Portrait
Headshot Diana Balsari
Anthony Daye - Headshot

Anthony Daye

“To contribute to the growth of the sport in all aspects, through experiences built up during my business career acting consistently with the great Judo values. Doing so in an inclusive way having been a young participant, Judo parent and now a masters Judoka continuing to learn and enjoy Judo.”

Pen Portrait

John MacDonald
“Judo has given me so much over the years and I feel it is time to give back. If elected I will strive to support Scottish Judo and the Judo for All strategic plan to the best of my ability.”

Pen Portrait
Headshot John Macdonald

Kirsty Marsh
“I have been involved across various aspects of judo in Scotland including grassroots coaching, university judo and high performance. Out with judo, I have legal, managerial and voluntary experience. Passionate about increasing diversity and participation in JudoScotland. I would be a professional, positive and fresh voice if elected to the board.”

Pen Portrait

Jason Moore
“I am passionate about building the profile of judo across Scotland and making Judo accessible for all ages and abilities.”

Pen Portrait
Headshot Jason Moore
Headshot susan wright

Susan Wright
“I believe judo is for all and there’s a pathway for everyone I’ve been involved in delivering training courses for new officials and promoting our current volunteer workforce and want to continue over the next 4 years helping to upskill and increase that workforce.”

Pen Portrait

Treasurer Candidates

Graham Campbell 

As JudoScotland Treasurer I will use my corporate financial background to improve governance and ensure financial stability to support the company achieve its strategic objectives outlined in JudoForAll.’

Pen Portrait

Member Voting

All clubs that are eligible to vote will be contacted directly by Scottish Sports Association (SSA). If you have any queries, please contact