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Skill sCool

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Skill sCool

A Life in Judo

Judo is a journey, and we believe that Skill sCool is a vital part of that journey. Skill sCool equips your child with a better understanding of Judo in an environment where they can practice their skills, and be allowed the chance to try again and again.

The skills learnt at Skill sCool complement those acquired in club training, and this event will go towards better preparing your child for events outside of the club such as competitions, camps etc. We fully believe that Skill sCool is part of a greater pathway to better physical development and a life in judo.

Skill sCool provides a platform for the Judo community to come together to enjoy 3 hours of continuous Judo activity in a friendly and engaging environment. All the events provide a mixture of on and off the mat challenges focused on personal improvement rather than winning and losing.  Time on task is essential to learning and Skill sCool allows participants to learn at their own pace whilst the activities are delivered with a focus on fun and enjoyment.

Skill sCool is made up of FOUR key elements:


The physical activities offered here will provide exercise and challenges to improve balance, reactions and power; all of which are important for developing a Judoka’s skill


Provides participants with a chance to ‘practise’ their skills and movements with well-matched partners. There is no winner, the points total will provide players with a personal score to improve upon next time


TRI Judo allows the Judoka to train, reflect and improve by breaking down the various techniques into key areas and activities. This method will help the development of fundamental skills and movements.


Rest, rehydration and nutrition are all important parts of leading a healthy lifestyle and enjoying sports like Judo. Players are encouraged to rest, hydrate and refuel in preparation for their next session.

For those who like to give back...

Volunteering is an ideal way to get involved in judo, develop new skills and stay engaged in the sport. It’s also the first step on the journey to becoming a referee or an official.

Skill sCool could offer you the opportunity to learn and apply new skills in a friendly and safe environment. At the heart of the event we have volunteers who perform the role of judges, mat supervisors, table supervisors and table officials; they're responsible for the smooth running of the event thus allowing everyone to learn and have a fun, enjoyable day.

Don't worry! Training will be provided at the beginning of the day so you'll be well equipped to deliver your role.  Volunteering at Skill sCool should put you in a good position to know more about officiating and supporting events, which will help you understand the pathway to the next opportunity should you wish to take it. We welcome all volunteers to take part with no prior judo experience necessary.

If you are keen to make Skill sCool a success and learn new skills whilst delivering a key stage in judo development, please get in touch via email JoImrie@judoscotland.com or by phone on 0131 333 2981.